Honest, Flavorful bread

A Few Words About Our Initiative

Share a Bread is a community outreach program of Lifestyle Funatics Group Inc., or popularly known for its scuba training and underwater conservation initiative through Dive Funatics.

The Share-A-bread concept is our tribute to the brave men and women who are selflessly working to ensure that our sick are properly looked after, our peace and order is maintained, our supply chain holds, and our government officials continue to serve its constituents. 

The Share-A-Bread will continue to endure long after COVID-19 is fully contained or eradicated as long as there are hungry mouths that can benefit from this idea, and for as long as there are people who will continue to share even as simple as a piece of bread.


Pull Up A Chair

Our Story And How It All Started

We prefer to instead share stories of how others are benefiting from our Share-A-Bread initiative.

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