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A Few Words About Our Concept

The idea of buying for yourself and sharing some to our friends in the frontlines started during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We read and hear of stories of our frontliners being so appreciative, happy and grateful whenever someone sends them something whether food, masks or other PPEs. This inspires them to continue their selfless efforts caring for the sick, attending our borders, making sure our supply chain is unhampered.

Why not do something to continue this spirit of sharing? This started the concept of devoting our time to bake a few flavored bread everyday, offer it to a few good hearted individual, send it for delivery, and our frontliners of the day get the same number of bread that we sold so they too can enjoy it in as much as you enjoy eating them, and as much as we enjoy baking and preparing them.

Eventually, when things go back to normal, we will continue to share to other deserving sectors of our society but until then, we will be prioritizing our friends who are attending to our sick, manning our borders, our peacekeepers, and to men and women who tirelessly deliver our goods everyday.

how does it work?

When you buy, you share your bread with others

Whatever we sell, we match that and donate it to our chosen frontliners of the day. That means that when you buy, you are actually giving our frontliners the same bread that you enjoy eating.

Since we only limit our baking production, we can only sell 100 pieces of these wonderfully baked goodies everyday. We will have different beneficiaries everyday to receive the number of breads that you share.

You are also welcome to suggest other deserving groups that we can include in our daily beneficiary.

Other ways to share your bread

Aside from our regular “Share A Bread” packages, you may also share a bread to your choice of beneficiary by purchasing the “Exclusive” Packages. All you have to do is specify them in the shipping information instead. 

Sharing them as a gifts, relatives, parents as long as they are in Metro Cebu is very possible, even if you are not from Cebu. Just select the “Exclusive” Package and designate them in the delivery or shipping information. We come up with special baked products one day of every week, so watch out for that.

Lastly, if you are not from Cebu but you like our initiative to be sustainable and more efficient, you may send your donations via PayPal by clicking the donate button. We will portion your donation, spread over days and multiple beneficiaries. This way, our bread will reach more and more people everyday without the trouble and hassle of you ordering online.


Baking in the oven daily

Join Us in this effort

Buy some, share with others!

Buying and giving is simple! Select the bread that you wish to buy, select your desired delivery schedule and that’s it!

We will arrange for maxim or grab delivery for you within Mandaue City free of charge. Due to border restrictions, orders from Lapulapu and Cebu City will be delivered to your designated border. From there, please arrange for a dedicated pick-up at your own cost.