Invitation to Share a Bread to Residents of Barangay Luz in Cebu City

It was the 7th of April when Barangay Luz was put in total lockdown because of the outbreak of CoViD-19. The place was rapidly being dubbed as the epicenter of the virus in Cebu. A month and 13 days later, the city mayor lifted the lockdown and the barangay’s quarantine protocols were downgraded from extreme measures. 

A day after the lockdown was lifted, they were again placed on lockdown. Apparently, there was some miscommunication as there were still people who were positive for the virus who did not undergo a re-swab. An article on that by The Freeman can be accessed here.

For May, we have focused our Share-A-Bread program to the frontliners mainly in the medical front. After reading about news articles about the state of the people of Barangay Luz, we are left to imagine how difficult it must be for them get access to basic necessities. If we can share a bread to the medical frontliners, we ought to share a bread to these people in lockdown too. We will be coursing our breads to residents and border patrol alike.

We will be targeting badly hit hot zones including the city jail of Mandaue and Cebu City, too. 

We are inviting you to share a bread with them as we can’t do it by ourselves. Our share-a-bread package is for Php 200 for 20 pieces of filled pandesal. You have the option to have 10 delivered to you and 10 will go to the beneficiary. You can also go all in and share the whole thing. You can place an order here.

If you are in an area under lockdown or you know someone who can benefit from this cause, leave a comment below or send us a message so we can help raise bread for your barangay, too. 

Let’s help win over CoViD by helping ensure people stay home and minimize the spread. 

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