House Manager Gives Up Share of Bread for Logistics Person Carrying 140 Pieces of Filled Bread for Brgy. Bacayan

This week’s unsung hero is Leah. Leah is our house manager and she is in charge of busing services of ShareABread. She takes care of clearing the mixing station and baking station and everything in between. She particularly loves the Berry Choco pandesal. 

While mixing the dough to be used for the bread designated for delivery to Brgy. Bacayan on June 4, I scaled the Choco Berry recipe to make extra 5 pieces for Leah to munch on. Everything went smoothly that day. Breads were cooling and I counted my yield for that day and true enough, I had 5 extra pieces of Choco Berry pandesal for Leah. We moved on to packing the breads for the buyers and for the beneficiaries. It took me up until the time of booking a ride via Maxim to realize that I forgot to allocate for the rider. And he will be carrying a load of 140 pieces of bread. I tell you the riders look like modern Santa Clauses when they leave our village – a poofed up crate full of bread behind them on a motorbike for sleigh. 

Leah came to the rescue that day with a quick “ang kanang akoa bread ihatag na lang na ni rider, Miss Kae”. I was moved and I thought her story of giving and paying forward is worth sharing. I asked Leah if I can take a photo of her with her bread before we shared it to Mr. Linjun of Maxim but she refused. 

Thank you, Leah, for sharing your bread to our frontliners. 

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